Daytime Wedding Decoration

How to Make Daytime Wedding Decoration A Show-Stopping Venue

Daytime wedding decoration ideas come into the picture as weddings are supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. However, Indian weddings can be tiring as rituals and ceremonies start from the wee hours of the morning and continue till midnight or even later.

It is quite impossible to cut short any ritual as it is considered inauspicious. Even the desire to perform ceremonies at the perfect moment or at auspicious hours can create chaos and hurry. As a result, no one can enjoy every function and feel more exhausted.

So, to make the wedding enjoyable for everyone, a couple and their family members started planning wedding functions in different stages like the “Phera Ceremony” in the daytime and the reception party in the evening. A family member or couple would have sufficient time to relax and enjoy every moment.

Here, we will share how you can make daytime wedding decorations a show-stopping venue for everyone.

Daytime Wedding Decorations

A daytime wedding is more enjoyable and fun-loving if we divide it into sections and make it a grand occasion. Have a glance at some of the most loving decorations of day time 

  1. The Entrance Gate

The entrance gate is the first thing that every visitor and even a guest sees. In addition, guests judged the entire wedding buffet based on the entrance. This proved once again that first impressions last. Therefore, using yellow marigold flowers and green moss to create a gorgeous sculpture of Lord Ganesha will enhance the entrance.

However, the preferred color theme for daytime wedding functions is bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, and green. The colors are brought to life when the sunlight passes through the fabric and creates a magical atmosphere at the venue.

  1. Pathway to the main venue

After the entrance, there is a roughly 100-meter walkway that leads to the area where ceremonies take place. There are numerous ways and ideas for daytime wedding decoration which make  wedding path of Indian weddings more beautiful.

Draping is the most common daytime theme for weddings. The top wedding decorators use drapes to transform any wedding décor by emphasizing all the colors. When different colors are draped in a sequence, it creates a grand and royal appearance. However, the most alluring aspect of colorful drapery is the shadow that generates when sunlight passes through it and gives a mindblowing area for photographs.

You can incorporate flowers and drapes to create stunning results. For draping, use red velvet fabric especially for weddings in the winter, and for another wedding in the summer, use another material.

  1. The Canopy style for Daytime wedding décorations

For the last four to five years, there has been a rise in the use of canopies as wedding decoration ideas in India. Canopy is created to set up in the main venue to cover one big or small multiple areas that perfectly synchronize with the entire wedding theme.

The canopy decors are inspired by the royal lifestyle and their lavish tents. However, the mixed drapes, texture print domes, and latkans transform the venue into royal grounds. Even nowadays, social media-inspired daytime wedding decoration ideas are becoming the favorite of couples and their friends.

  1. The Stage decoration

All eyes are drawn to the stage decoration where the couple makes promises and promises to cherish each other forever. So, this area needs to be out of the box.

Using dark-colored drapes, brass equipment, and ethnic flowers to evoke the feeling of a holy temple, this color scheme will be your favorite mandap wedding decoration idea. Whereas, the Indian daytime wedding decoration is incomplete without the use of flowers. They bring serene calmness.

To make the wedding venue more stunning, you should decorate the dome-like structure with floral vines and hangings.

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Make Your Big Day Memorable

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