Most Quirky Haldi Decor Ideas to Steal

Here Are the Most Quirky Haldi Decor Ideas to Steal from Our Real Weddings

Haldi is among the main functions of a wedding. The actual wedding starts with the Haldi ceremony, followed by the Mehandi celebration and finally the wedding. Therefore, why not make Haldi decor ideas the most quirky one, making it the hottest topic that everyone should talk about in town? 

We all are aware of the beautiful traditions and ceremonies of an Indian wedding, but every function has its own story behind it. Even the Haldi ceremony is a playful affair with bright colors, a whiff of turmeric in the air, and mesmerizing decoration all around that creates an unforgettable feel.

Haldi Celebrations deserve Quirky Haldi Décor, whether it is done by DIY decorators or by professionals. However, it doesn’t matter which option you choose, you still look around on Instagram and Pinterest for the most Quirky Haldi Décor ideas. Isn’t it?

While you are busy finalizing everything and making the big day memorable. Here, we have got the most stunning Haldi ceremony decoration ideas for you, whether you wish to plan an intimate wedding or a grand wedding celebration.

Take a look at the most quirky Haldi Décor ideas you can steal from our real weddings and make your wedding even more gorgeous.

The Most Quirky Haldi Décor Ideas for Wedding

  1. Unique hangings for the Haldi ceremony

Haldi functions are all about enjoying the moments with family and friends. Haldi décor can include some unconventional hangings, however, they can be large or small. Small hangings like these will instantly increase the décor value or you can even create your own DIY Haldi décor hangings for your special occasion.

  1. Bride Special Throne for Bridal Haldi ceremony

On your favorite day, you are the queen and you deserve a special place to sit. Whether it’s a sofa or rickshaw for Haldi decoration, it has to be special. This makes your Haldi decoration suitable for your bridesmaids to make dulhania banners or get some pinwheels and let everyone know that this place is reserved for the bride.

  1. The Colorful Haldi Décor – Shamiyana

Occasions such as Haldi and Sangeet deserve special shamiyanas for the bride and her guests. Shamiyana creates a completely different atmosphere with its elegant and royal look. Even shamiyana looks more beautiful with flowers, lights, and clothes and you can add more colors to make it more meaningful.

  1. Add props for fun

Haldi Décor can be made even more unique if you add some unusual props. There are many colorful umbrellas, kites, chandeliers, puppets and many other things that blend well with haldi decorations.

  1. Beautiful Flowers for Haldi decoration

Haldi decoration is incomplete without flowers especially when it comes to haldi decoration. However, the Haldi decoration must be attractive. Use bright flowers in the shades of yellow, orange, and red to brighten up the place. You can even get your couple initials made with flowers.

  1. Add special elements to Extravagant the Haldi décor

Small props are used for detailing. In addition, you need more elements, such as a swing, for the event. You can also take the contemporary route and get some cute bicycles or photo frames as photo booths to entertain the guests.


Haldi function is all about fun and photoshoots. Above you will find different ideas and themes to make your Haldi most memorable day by adding some of the most quirky Haldi décor ideas. This will make it stand out from the rest. There are many stunning Haldi decorations ideas that are in sync with your style and personality.

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