How to save money on a destination wedding

How to save money on a destination wedding

Everyone who thinks of getting married, dreams of having a beautifully organised fairy-tale wedding. It doesn’t matter which place you belong to, you can always have a wedding at your favourite destination. For instance, Udaipur in Rajasthan is one of the most favourite destination wedding locations for most people. Not just celebrities, but everyone can have a destination wedding in Udaipur. You just need to find the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur and you are all set. 

But the most common fear that people usually have while planning destination weddings, is that they think it is a costly affair. While this is totally untrue, let us gather some facts for you which will show you how to save money while planning your beautiful and most memorable event in Udaipur. 

Saving money on destination weddings  

There are many ways you can cut the cost on your destination wedding. It is not just restricted to one city, but even if you plan your wedding somewhere abroad, these tips can come handy. So let’s go!

Saving money on a destination wedding

1. Reserve a small boutique hotel or resort

One of the most important things that can help you save money on destination weddings is to book a small or relatively cheaper boutique hotel or resort. Most cities that are known for catering destination weddings have many options for stays and event planning. If you hire the best wedding planner, they can assist you in booking a cheaper resort for you. You can pick from the assorted list of budget hotels and boutique resorts depending on your guest list and number of programmes you will be hosting.

2. Location matters

Location in your favourite city matters a lot. It has a massive impact on your budget. For example, if you plan your destination wedding in Udaipur, you can go for accessible locations rather than booking a resort in remote and far locations. Your event planner in Udaipur can help you choose a location that can be easily reached at. This can save you money on cabs and internal transfers to pick and drop your guests.

3. Decoration

Another way of saving money on a destination wedding in Udaipur is to spend relatively less on decoration. The city itself has such a beautiful view and landscape, that a hefty decoration is uncalled for. Additionally, if you go for wedding decorators in Udaipur, they can help you in decorating your venue at a relatively lower cost. So, if you plan to have a contemporary theme wedding, make sure that you pick the best wedding decorators in Udaipur who can save your money on decoration and arrangements.

4. Hire local vendors

Most people do not trust local vendors thinking they might charge more. But that is not true. Once you make your budget clear to them, they will plan everything accordingly. Especially, if you hire the best destination wedding planner, the first thing they will ask you upfront is your expected spending limit. In accordance with your budget, they will get the local vendors to make the arrangements for you so that you do not spend on transportation or additional arrangements.

5. Save your date for off-seasons

Usually if you get married around the wedding season, the prices for venues and other arrangements will be higher. Thus, if you have effective ahead planning, you must plan your wedding in the off-season. In off-seasons, the vendors and wedding planner in Udaipur will charge you less for maintaining the same quality as they want their business to run during off-seasons. This can be a very clever thing to do. For example, if you pick Udaipur, March-July will be a good time as it is off-season for both tourism and destination weddings.

6. Avoid a long guest-list

You must understand the concept of a destination wedding before you plan it. These weddings are quite private with a limited guest list. Even celebrities don’t have a very long guest list when they plan destination weddings. So, you can just keep it a closed event inviting just your close friends and direct relatives. Later on, you can throw a small reception to cater the rest of your family and acquaintances. But if you are running on a limited budget, try to keep your destination wedding small and private.

7. No return-gifts

A big fat Indian wedding can be quite costly because you have to give return gifts to all the relatives and guests who attend your wedding. However, one basic advantage of having a destination wedding is that you do not need to harbour any return gifts for anyone. The fact that you are inviting them and bearing all their costs of travel and stay itself is a big gift. Your relatives can enjoy the wedding and a vacation for themselves. So, you do not need to give them any costly return gift if you want to save money.


Thus, there are many ways to save money on destination weddings if you have proper planning and execution. However, if you want professional help and guidance on all the above-mentioned points, you can contact PP Events and Vachan. We are one of the most efficient wedding planners in Udaipur and have trained and groomed staff who can help with all these issues. So, relax your pocket, enjoy your wedding, and leave the rest of the worries upon PP Events and Vachan.

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