Most Picked Wedding Decor Trends Brides Will Love in 2023

Weddings are certainly one of the most exciting and biggest events for us. We all crave wedding food, decoration and the chance of a family get-together. What most of us love about weddings is the decoration. Because this is the time to create good memories. And the one thing that everyone likes is clicking photos – clicking a lot of photos during various functions of the wedding. It is for this reason why people spend lavishly on decoration and other things – to make the wedding look like it comes straight out of a fairytale. That is why in this blog we will discuss the best wedding decor trends going viral today – some of those trends which are especially dear to the brides in 2023.

Wedding decor trends in 2023

1. The bold colour trend

Many people are now following and employing the use of bold colours in their wedding decoration. There was a time when people were going for subtle and light decoration themes like pastel, but now the trend has changed. We can witness the bold colour choices not just in terms of decoration, but also in terms of the wedding dresses. Most of the brides who prefer wearing a designer dress in their weddings are going for bold colour choices like navy blue, red, maroon, etc. So, if you want to stay on top of the wedding decor trends, you can bid farewell to light and pale colour palettes. 

2. Backdrops

Another very interesting wedding decor trend we have been witnessing is the use of grand and dramatic backdrops in the decoration. Whether it is a photo-booth creation, or stage decoration, we are getting more and more demands of people asking for grand hanging greenery and statement arches. There are so many ways to make your ceremony space unique. This will also help to make your wedding photography even more breathtaking. At PP Events, we certainly deliver our best pieces of decoration as per the demands by the clients to make their biggest day most memorable and photogenic.

3. Entertainment facilities at the Reception

The entertainment you select for your wedding ceremony should make it a joyful and entertaining celebration of your marriage. The days of employing a band or DJ are long gone. Couples are now choosing more original and engaging types of recreation. Everything from trapeze artists to fire dancers is on display. When choosing amusement for your wedding, look outside the box if you want it to be genuinely memorable. 

4. Sustainable Wedding

In 2023 and beyond, it will be impossible to find single-use plastics and harmful materials. Whether it’s through locally sourced cuisine or environmentally friendly wedding favours, couples are embracing their special day as an occasion to lessen their effect. Most of the people want to save a lot of money while asking for sustainable arrangements. This is because most people prefer saving a considerable amount of money while preparing for the wedding events. However, PP Events charge quite reasonably and are an expert at catering and hosting sustainable weddings.


You can hire any wedding management company or decide to do all the preparations on your own, but we must tell you, it’s no piece of cake. So, we recommend you to contact us, and stay on top of all the wedding decor trends in 2023.   

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