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The Top Five Wedding Planner Myths Debunked

Weddings are the most exciting yet tiring events for a family. No matter how much you enjoy the vibes of a wedding, at some point, you will get tired from running around doing all the chores. It is for this reason that most people prefer hiring professionals and the best wedding planners to save much time. However, some traditional and conservative mindsets still refrain from getting any outside help whatsoever. There are many wedding planner myths that usually people have when they go for seeking outside help from planners. In this article, we will burst some of those bubbles and will help you in making the right decision.

Need of Wedding Planner for Destination Weddings 

Whether it’s a day wedding or vintage-inspired, whether you are getting married in your hometown, or you are going to do a destination wedding, you definitely seek help from a wedding planner. As destination wedding planners are highly acquainted with the surroundings and locality, so they can guide you better when you are away from home. Some of the main benefits of hiring destination wedding planners are – 

  1. They know the locality. Thus, they can help you with any legal formalities like permissions and licenses needed for the wedding or event to be organized.
  2. They can help you understand the culture better.
  3. They can help you in times of wedding emergencies. If you urgently need some extra arrangements, they will get it done within no time.

Udaipur is considered one of the most famous and romantic places for destination weddings in India. So, if you are planning to have a contemporary theme wedding, you must hire a good and professional wedding planner in Udaipur like Vachan by PPEvents.

Most people have these wedding planning myths that they must not trust a new wedding planner because of this, they usually hire their town-based wedding planners. While they may be more familiar to you, they can’t be familiar to the city that caters for your destination wedding. Thus, if you are planning a destination wedding at any romantic place like Udaipur, you must hire an event planner based in Udaipur itself

Common Wedding Planner Myths

1. They are money-minded

This is the most common wedding planning myth. Yes, it is true that wedding planning is a budding business these days, but if you go for the best wedding planners, they will do much more for you than they are being paid for. Remember, a wedding is not just a source of income for wedding planners; they focus on making people happy and marriages memorable. 

wedding planner myths

2. They Work Only for High-budget Weddings 

This is again a common misconception. Wedding decorators in Udaipur will get the desired decor and arrangements for you within your budget. You just need to tell them how much amount you are willing to spend on decoration and other arrangements, and the type of theme you want, and they will get it done within that bracket. 

3. They will dominate the wedding 

Wedding planners are a bit professional, but they are not hijackers! If you go for the wedding planner in Udaipur, they will listen to you – your ideas, your imagination, your budget, etc. and then plan the wedding arrangements accordingly. They do not make it about themselves. You will be the ruler, they will take orders from you and execute as per your choice. However, they may deal with vendors in their own way, but you will be the one to decide what you want and how you want it.

4. You can plan the wedding using the Internet 

Many people have a feeling that they can manage it all. While this may be true, not in the case of weddings. “I can do it all” is one of the biggest wedding planning myths. Even if you manage a lot of things, you will not be able to manage everything. Even if you do somehow, you will end up spending more than you would spend on hiring a wedding planner. So, it will be certainly impossible for you to get it all done alone. Think of what will you do if something goes wrong at the last moment or you need something urgently at the end time!

5. Venue coordinators will help you

One of the biggest and worst wedding planning myths include expecting help from venue coordinators. Always remember, venue coordinators will help you in case anything goes wrong at the venue. They will not be able to help you if you run out of something urgently or need an additional arrangement at the end moment. But hiring a wedding planner will keep you out of that risk zone. 


Many more points can be added to the list mentioned above because different people have different kinds of wedding planning myths. But the gist of the entire issue is quite simple – hire the most professional and the best wedding planners for your contemporary theme wedding, someone like Vachan by PPEvents 
Vachan by PPEvents is proficient in handling weddings and all other small and big-scale events in Udaipur. They rank among the best destination wedding planners in Udaipur. However, you can read their reviews and client testimonies online, but to have a first-hand experience of their work, you must try them for your next event. Contact us to book an event with us and make it memorable

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